Reinvent your home


Casa is a 3D build & design app which enables you to create, furnish and decorate your home.

Create and decorate your home
Save 3 projects
Limited number of furniture
no download of items
no online project sharing

Create and decorate your home
Save all your projects
Download unlimited furniture
Share your creations online in 3D
Re-use appartment shared by the community

Casa Designer

What colour scheme should I use in this room? What would it look like if I take down the wall? Does my sofa fit in this new apartment?
Reinvent your home with Casa: build, furnish, decorate and repaint.
Try new designs and decorations, share your creations with your friends and see all the communities’ projects to get inspired.

Build & Choose layout

Add rooms and alter their shape without restrictions
Take down walls: create openings of any size.


Place accessories and furniture directly in 3D view. Accurately move, orientate and resize them in 3D.
Change the material of every item, wall or floor.
Enhance the finish with light effects.

Share your creations and re-use other published projects

Share your home on in 3D. All your friends can see and visit it on any device IPad : Pc, Mac, smartphone.
Browse online and get inspired by houses shared by the community; download any of them in Casa Designer to reuse it for yourself.

Download unlimited furniture and items

The 3D warehouse (Sketchup community) is an online collection containing millions 3D models or components, including furniture, accessories, materials and many other decorative items.
A unique partnership on iPad allows you to download as many items as you like.
From our furniture library menu, just click to browse and choose from millions of possibilities.