Casa Designer 3D - Home Makeover

Casa Designer 3D - freemium - Home Makeover

* Major update * - Share and publish your creation on in 3D - Unlimited download of furniture from the 3D Warehouse (Sketchup community). - Get inspired by the community’s projects and use them for yourself !

Casa is a 3D build & design app which enables you to create, furnish and decorate your home. * Major update * huge choice of furniture to download (Sketchup) & project sharing “superb app”, SariduFaFa. “the 3D effects are brilliant”, Jason I. “took me only 20mins to fully use the features”, BimBamBoomPow

What colour scheme should I use in this room? What would it look like if I take down the wall? Does my sofa fit in this new apartment? Reinvent your home with Casa: build, furnish, decorate and repaint. Now you can download unlimited accessories and furniture from all styles : modern, traditional, Asian, baroque…" Try new designs and decorations, share your creations with your friends and see all the communities’ projects to get inspired. --- Build & Choose layout --- • Add rooms and alter their shape without restrictions • Take down walls: create openings of any size. • Place accessories and furniture directly in 3D view. Accurately move, orientate and resize them in 3D. --- Decorate --- • Change the material of every item, wall or floor. • Once your room or furniture is customized, you can save it to reuse later. • Enhance the finish with light effects. --- Download unlimited furniture and items The 3D warehouse (Sketchup community) is an online collection containing millions 3D models or components, including furniture, accessories, materials and many other decorative items. A unique partnership on iPad allows you to download as many items as you like. From our furniture library menu, just click to browse and choose from millions of possibilities. --- Share your creations and re-use other published projects --- • Share your home on in 3D. All your friends can see and visit it on any device IPad : Pc, Mac, smartphone. • Browse online and get inspired by houses shared by the community; download any of them in Casa Designer to reuse it for yourself. Last but not least: • See your project from different points of view: floorplan, aerial, walkthrough. • Undo and redo • Interactive tutorial. • Save furnished room, object and material in your collection to reuse later • Email screenshots of your creations.