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Casa Software, June 2015

Casa Designer 3D

Home Makeover

2.0: Design sharing, unlimited accessories download with Sketchup

Casa Software is proud to announce the release of Casa Designer 2.0, a major update of their 3D Home Build & Design app available on iPad. Casa is designed for busy people wanting to re-design and re-decorate their homes, allowing users to share home designs in 3D on and download furniture and accessories from Sketchup (online 3D model database).

Casa Designer (launched in December 2013) is the first iPad app providing interior design, construction & decorating entirely in 3D. Forget forced 3D/2D switches and having to load pages. With Casa a simple drag & drop interface allows users to re-organise or furniture and change soft furnishings and décor.

Casa Designer 2.0 provides limitless interior design possibilities via a unique partnership with Sketchup, accessing the 3D Warehouse directly from the Furniture Menu to download an endless range of furniture, accessories, and decorative items. Users can also publish their projects in 3D via the web enabling friends and family to view their creations in 3D from any Pc, Mac, tablet or smartphone. Use our embedded 3D view on your website!

And there’s even more! From our Share menu users can browse published projects and see all interior design styles created by the CASA community which can be downloaded and re-used. The Casa Designer Community is a place for inspiration and sharing!

CASA highlights:

  • No restriction on re-ordering and re-sizing rooms
  • Create openings of any size in interior walls
  • Place, move and re-size items directly in 3D view
  • Alter the material of any item, wall or floor.
  • Save any customised item (size, colour, material)
  • Save any room with its furnishing and decoration
  • Enhance the design with atmospheric lighting
  • Unlimited download of furniture and accessories from the 3D warehouse
  • Categorise downloaded furniture and accessories
  • Publish a 3D view of the projects on
  • Browse shared projects, download and use
  • Multi-aspect viewpoint: floor plan, aerial, walk-through.
  • Never lose a single idea or inspiration with undo, redo and auto-save!
  • Interactive tutorial
  • Dynamic lighting

Device Requirements:

  • iPad, requires iOS 6.0 or later
  • about 40 MB

Pricing and Availability

Available from Friday June 12 on the Appstore in 2 versions:

Casa Designer 3D - freemium - Home Makeover

With Casa Designer Freemium users can construct and decorate with a limited range of furniture and save the default projects but cannot share apartments online or download items from the 3D Warehouse. An in-app purchase unlocks everything for only $ 6.99 / 6,99 € / U.K £4.99 (Tier 7)

Appstore Link

Casa Designer 3D - Home Makeover

The full version for $ 6.99 / 6,99 € / U.K £4.99 (Tier 7)

Appstore Link

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The story

Casa Designer comes from Casa Software, a small, independent studio that aims to create the ultimate user-friendly interior design app for Apple users.

Casa Designer was born in 2011 with experience gained from the development of Home Design 3D (by Anuman Interactive). Home Design 3D made building and interior design easy and feasible on touch-screen devices. Casa Designer takes the concept much further adding a ‘game-like’ appeal to the user experience. Casa Designer 1.0 was all about ergonomics and simplicity.

Casa 2.0 focuses on decoration improving a ‘fun’ element to interior design. With unlimited downloads from the 3D warehouse and the project sharing Casa Designer becomes a source of inspiration and a community meeting place.


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